SKI - FW19

Our Ski collection is built around a clash of tech and retro design lines, interpreted from a slightly different angle than the other concepts this season. We get inspired by exploring unfamiliar settings, mountains far away from civilization and snow left untouched by mankind. The human nature and intrinsic need to keep searching for the unexplored. As we leave a few things behind, we bring some things with us, among them our foundation and memories to better settle into our new environment. The things we hold onto to explain our position in infinity. The functionality of our ski wear enables more extreme skiing in unknown terrain and part of the collection is built around showing off our identity as explorers.

Exterior mesh pockets and asymmetrical cutlines, featured on the new Bute shell jacket with a longer and more voluminous fit are examples of the retro vibes. The ski story plays with the old, the new and the inbetween. What we throw out, what we say bye to, what we bring with us. Seasonal knits are knitted in an old-fashioned way to represent our memories of going back to simpler times when graphics were not too aligned and perfect. They are crafted from luxurious yarns with tech functionality, mixing coolmax, cashmere and wool to better adapt to changing environments and shifting weather conditions. The seasonal highlight for padded sets is a Dermizax Gab jacket & Watson trousers that have graphics on the same theme. New for the season is the Pertex Microlight Ripstop Quantum, a superlight and warm fabric, used in a light down hood.

As a continuation of the pre-collection, an intense red and navy is referencing our DNA in ski ,and the future outlook, with our most technical outerwear and gear. The seasonal print is inspired by a natural camouflage, created by snow and frost in extreme weather conditions on one’s clothes. Color stories are built around navy/red/white, grey/black yellow, black/green and navy/pop blue. A seasonal logo patch story revolves around bridging fashion with a JLJL print and the UNKNOWN chest print showing off the qualities of a true explorer and bringing the concept full circle.


Recco® RECCO¨ technology makes you sea rchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident. The two-part technology consists of a detector used by integrated into apparel, helmets, protection gear and boots. Together they enable fast directional pinpointing of a persons precise location.

Dermizax® EV Designed to produce maximum comfort combined with durable and waterproof protection. Dermizax EV is the perfect choice for all high performance or exhausting activities all year round. Its extra comfort makes it even wearable under extreme comfort. The moister performance level, MVTR, is 20.000 gr/m2/24h and the Waterproofness is 20.000 mm.

Coolmax® Using the Coolmax technology in a blend with cotton gives the perfect layering piece with performance.

Primaloft SUSTAIBALITIY Superior insulation fabric made for high quality cold-weather gear. The fabric is equally soft and light and will keep you warm even under the most extreme weather conditions.

TX Shell 3 Layer Lightweight, waterproof 3 ply fabric perfectly suit-ed for the high demands and flexibility requiredfor an active life. The fabric features a protective membrane inside the jacket which boosts the ability to repel water while allowing water vapor to pass through. The moister performance level, MVTR, is 20.000 gr/m2/24h and the Waterproof- ness is 20.000 mm.

Allied Feather Quantum is light and strong offering a significant weight reduction without sacrificing strenght andabrasion resistance. The fabric ́s softness allows insulation in your jacket to have more loft.